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August 1-5, 2021 SPIE Optics + Photonics, San Diego, CA
November 15-19, 2021 African Light Source Conference, Virtual Meeting


Oct 2019 Lyncean Technologies awarded €49M to provide world’s most advanced gamma-ray source
May 2018 Lyncean Technologies Inc. closes $13.75 million funding with a syndicate including Intel Capital
August 2017 Lyncean Technologies Signs Edge Scientific as Representative in Canada
May 2017 TUM and Lyncean Technologies Announce a 3x Flux Increase from the Munich Compact Light Source
April 2017 Lyncean Technologies Signs Shanghai Physion as Representative in China
March 2017 Lyncean Technologies Signs AXT as Rep in Australia and New Zealand
December 2016 Lyncean Technologies Receives $650,000 in Series A Funding
August 2016 Customer publishes performance evaluation of first commercial mini-synchrotron
May 2016 Lyncean Technologies Inc. receives export achievement award at Hannover Messe, Germany
April 2016 New state-of-the-art compact X-ray source, World’s first mini particle accelerator for high-brilliance X-rays at TUM
March 2016 Fremont compact X-ray startup names ex-Zeiss executive as CEO
October 2015 World’s First Mini Synchrotron Inaugurated at Technical University of Munich
October 2015 World’s First Mini Particle Accelerator for High-Brilliance X-Rays at TUM
October 2015 Lyncean Technologies Brings X-Ray Focus to Export Market
August 2015 Lyncean Technologies Offers a Compact X-Ray Source for Researchers
May 2015 Compact Laser-Driven Synchrotron Shines X-Rays on Soft Tissue
May 2015 Innovative Compact Light Source Generates X-rays Suitable for Advanced Tomography
May 2015 First Miniature Synchrotron Now in Commercial Operation
May 2015 Compact Light Source Improves CT Scans
April 2015 Compact Synchrotron Makes Tumors Visible
April 2015 First Miniature Synchrotron Now in Commercial Operation
February 2015 Novel X-ray Technology Improves Contrast in Soft Tissue
March 2014 TSC Panelists Discuss Role of Research Funding in Moving Innovation from the Lab to the Marketplace (PDF Download)
March 2013 Lyncean Technologies, Inc. receives $1.1M grant from DOE to develop the Compact Light Source
December 2012 Lyncean Technologies Inc. sells Compact Light Source to Munich biomedical-imaging research center
October 2012 Scattered X-rays reveal diseased tissue: X-ray technology improves early detection of pulmonary disease
July 2012 Bay Area companies join ‘insourcing’ trend
January 2012 Crowd-sourcing the Future of Accelerators
May 2011 Lyncean Technologies raises $1M for X-rays
May 2009 Synchrotron source enhances soft-tissue imaging
May 2009 Lyncean Technologies Inc. receives $1.2 M from NCRR to develop new imaging technique
January 2009 First Science from the Compact Light Source: A miniature synchrotron for your home lab
January 2009 Hard X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging with the Compact Light Source
February 2008 A Miniature Synchrotron
June 2006 Miniature Synchrotron Sheds New Light on Research (PDF Download)
May 2006 Miniature Synchrotron Lights Up
May 2006 My Own Private Synchrotron
March 2006 Miniature Synchrotron Produces First Light
March 2005 Automating, Miniaturizing X-ray Crystallography
June 2004 Shrinking the Synchrotron
May 2004 Compact Light Sources
April 2004 Lasers Bend Beams for Desktop X-ray Source
April 2004 Get Your Own Desktop Synchrotron
April 2004 Crystallographers take note: A synchrotron light source for your home lab
February 2003 Compact Light Source Goes Commercial


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