The Compact X-ray Station

Enabling local laboratory protein crystallography, micro-tomography, dark field microscopy, CD-SAXS and more

The Compact X-Ray Station (CXS) is a crystallography endstation and X-ray optics developed for use with the Lyncean Compact Light Source.

The X-ray optics consists of a K-B system of multilayer optics specifically designed by Lyncean to re-image the X-ray source size (<45 microns rms) at a position approximately 2 m from the optics. The optics are tunable over 10-20 keV energy and have a bandwidth of about 1%. X-ray optics are necessary for crystallography applications, powder diffraction, small angle scattering, or other focused beam applications.

The endstation is a mini-hutch that may be configured for different applications.  For diffraction experiments, a commercial diffractometer and X-ray detector may be installed (shown is a marresearch dtb). For imaging research applications or other scientific use, the endstation may be configured with a general purpose optical breadboard. The endstation itself has kinematic mounts and motorized alignment to quickly change configurations over a wide range of use.

CXS End Station

The CXS assembled at the headquarters of Lyncean Technologies, Inc. in Fremont, CA